kinderactiviteiten in Friesland

Friesland is the perfect place to bring children on holiday with plenty of enjoyable places to visit. We’ve provided a list of things that you have to experience during this holiday. How many can you cross off?

The bucketlist for children

1. Experience walking bare-footed through nature at the Blote Voetenpad (The ‘Bare Feet’ Trail).

2. A journey in a covered wagon pulled by a Belgian horse, stopping for a picnic along the way, but make sure the horse doesn’t eat your sandwiches!

3. Pack your rucksack and investigate the nature in the Pettebosk.

4. Catch and eat some trout at the trout pool.

5. Climb the 25 metre high toer (Frisian for ‘tower’) or take the covered panorama wagon on a trip to the region which includes De SeedyksterToer in Marrum.

6. Lose your way and secretly eat some sweets at the maze in Twijzel.

7. During high tide you might see them hunting, diving and swimming. When the tide is out they rest on a sand bank cuddling their young. Learn everything about seals at the seal crèche in Pieterburen.

8. The jungle bridge, the spider’s web net and the water spiral are the pride of Speelbos Hossebos (woodland play park).

9. Stroke, feed or simply enjoy playing with the animals at the petting zoo in Dokkum

10. Bird spotting from a real bird-hide. Or climb one of the two lookout towers at Lauwersmeer. How far can you see?

Vogelkijkers in het Lauwersmeer.FOTO: MARCEL VAN KAMMEN

11. Take to the road in a cabriolet, police car or ambulance, and experience an authentic traffic situation. A ‘policeman’ directs the traffic. Or go climbing, crawling or simply playing around in the fun activity centre.

12. Have you done your homework before visiting the Alde Feanen? Prepare by listening to Freek Vonk! Download the podcast and hear what the most amusing biologist in the Netherlands has to say.

13. Midwinter, and still no natural ice? You can still skate during the coldest months of the year on specially created ice-skating rinks at Lauwersoog and Esonstad.

14.Enjoy splashing around at the Eeltsjemar at Rinsumageast, build sand castles at De Leijen take part in some competition swimming at the open air swimming pool in Hallum or in the indoor swimming pool in Buitenpost.

Kinderen vermaken zich in openluchtzwembad de Sawn Doarpen in Giekerk, FOTO: MARCEL VAN KAMMEN

15. Deer, pigs, doves, ducks, ponies… Pet them and care for them at the L(og)eerboerderij Hamster Mieden (log cabin rental accommodation).

16. You’ll never say you don’t like bread once you’ve tasted the bread baked using flour milled at the Burdaard windmill!

17. Did you know that the Lauwersmeer is home to freshwater shrimps, sticklebacks and young eels? Flatfish, crabs and many other types of sea creatures can be found on the other side of the dike in the Wadden Sea. Accompany one of the experienced and friendly guides from the Nature School in Lauwersoog on a search for marine life, a walk along the mudflats, or on one of the many organised net fishing expeditions.

17. Discover the 40 different species of animal and the nature museum at Sanjes Zoo.

18. Back to basics: find a pleasant spot on the mudflats, fly a kite on the dike, go searching for shells at low tide, catch some oysters on the coast or go stargazing at night. Try rolling down the sea dike from top to bottom. Simply have the time of your life!

19. Admire the sea aquarium, the Slikbak, the many birds and crabs and the seashell collection at the Noordhoren Wadden Experience Centre in Holwerd.