Lean back with a drink and a bite to eat within easy reach and watch the magnificent Frisian landscape pass you by. Take plenty of photographs to preserve the beautiful memories. It’s all possible thanks to a number of the organised boat trips throughout the region. Do you like to take the helm yourself? Or do you want to explore the landscape by sailing, surfing, supping or canoeing? Everything is possible!

Let someone else take the helm!

All on-board!
With the whole family, or the entire camping site, Rondvaardij Princenhof (pleasure boat hire) in Earnewâld has a suitable craft for all occasions.  An experienced guide will travel with you to provide regional information and, to add to the fun, you can set up a barbecue on deck.

It Fryske Gea has a pleasure boat known as the Blaustirns that runs on solar energy and is almost silent during operation. The upper deck provides magnificent views, or you can stay warm and cosy inside while still enjoying the surroundings. Sail past the marsh woodlands, reed fields, summer polder and peat bogs!

Discover Lauwersland by water with the M.S. Silverwind. Lauwersmeer, the Wadden Sea or the inland waterways? It’s all possible. Reservaion at Het Booze Wijf, Lauwersoog.

Listen to stories about sea fishing during older days and experience the atmosphere of working on a fishing boat under sail, the Wierumer Aek WL 19. Reservation at Museum ‘t Fiskershúske.

Once on board the Vlinderbalg pleasure boat, you will learn how the Lauwerszee (sea) became the Lauwersmeer (lake) and how the flora and fauna progressed with the times. You can depart from Oostmahorn and Lauwersoog.

Fancy a piece of cod?
The MS Tender will take you to catch some fresh fish in the North Sea. You might even spot a seal or a white-beaked dolphin on the way!

Ready for some action?
Crossing waves at 90 km per hour? Take an exhilarating and unforgettable trip on the Tornado, a Wadden powerboat.

Take the rudder!

Want to hire a boat by yourself. There are plenty of options! A whisper boat is reasonably quiet, hence the name. The engine controls are relatively simple. This allows the helmsman to still take in the views. The controls of a motor boat are also fairly straightforward while the actual boat offers more space. To make a real impression, go for an electric sloop! It is not only superb in appearance, but these boats are fitted with the latest mod-cons.

Locations to hire a sloop include:

Looking for a more luxurious way to travel? Hire a cruiser with:

Varen Tytsjerksteradiel

Under your own steam!

Are you ready for a journey of discovery in De Alde Feanen National Park? Raise the sails, listen carefully to the experienced instructors while they will explain everything about your equipment. Even children can master this magnificent watersport. Sailing on the Frisian lakes can be done at Watersportcentrum De Twirre, Camping It Wiid and Recreatiecentrum Bergumermeer, Annage Skûtsjesilen and Age Veldboom Zeilactiviteiten.

Whether you decide to rent a boat and sail yourself, take lessons to learn to sail properly, or you would like to take to the water under supervision, the Lauwersmeer National Park is the ideal place on which to raise your sails. All of this can be arranged at the Waddeninzicht and at De Lauwer.

Vaarroute Alde Feanen naar Drachten, hier een plezierbootje nabij het kruispunt van Fokkesleat, Sydsdjip, It Wiid en Ule Krite. FOTO: MARCEL VAN KAMMEN

Travel silently past the villages and enjoy the local surroundings. This region is also perfect for canoeing! Do you want to know more about routes and about renting a canoe? You can read it at Canoeing.

Kite surfing, windsurfing or traditional surfing – it looks cool and you can be quite good after just a couple of lessons. You can learn windsurfing at the Zeilschool De Lauwer (sailing school) and Windsurfvereniging PZV de Wielen, und kite surfing at Antix sports. (location Lauwersoog on request)

Why not try a SUP?
This wetland region can be explored perfectly well by traditional methods. However, for something different, you may want to try a SUP. Often described as ‘walking through the wetlands’. A ‘SUP’, otherwise known as a ‘Stand-Up Paddleboard’ involves standing on a surfboard while using a paddle to move along. This is not only a different outlook on water recreation, but a whole new way of seeing the surroundings. When you ‘SUP’ through the Friesland landscape, you might occasionally come face-to-face (literally) with horses or cows on the wetland. The pastime of SUP can be enjoyed in Earnewâld at De Twirre, Outdoor Veldboom and Camping It Wiid, in Feanwâldsterwâl at Hotel Café ‘t Dûke Lûk, in Eastermar at SUP Centre Fryslan and De Grote Wielen (nearby Leeuwarden) Windsurfvereniging PZV de Wielen.