Everything you look for in a city can be found in Dokkum. The appearance of a town, but with the convenience of a village. Historical features with modern facilities. There’s plenty for the children to do, as well plenty of exciting places for adults to visit. Whether you are taking a break in the middle of the woodland in your caravan or spending a weekend at a Bed & Breakfast in the Wadden area, you really must visit Dokkum. The latest information can be found on: www.dokkum.nl

Highlights of Dokkum

Dokkum is a small town with a great history. Did you know that it once was an international trade city, an Admiralty city? Learn more about the Dutch Admiralty. Dokkum became really famous when Boniface was murdered. Read more about Boniface, the missionary that was declared a saint.

Activities in Dokkum

Dokkum has a small but welcoming town centre with a several cafes in which to enjoy a drink or two. Dokkum also has its own theatre, known as Sense. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, Sense is transformed into Filmhuis Dokkum (cinema). In the center of town are two historic churches: the St. Martin’s or Big Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Read more about the churches in Dokkum and their history. There are regular Sunday shopping days in Dokkum, and the supermarkets are open every Sunday. Concerts are also held in the town centre on Sunday afternoons. Music, bustling terraces, and a convivial atmosphere contribute to the special appeal of this town on Sundays. Take a look at the museumpage for the musea nearby. Visit also the Escaperoom in the city.


Sightseeing in Dokkum

In the past, a railway line ran from Leeuwarden to Aalsum near Dokkum, the route became known as the Dokkumer Lokaeltsje, a nickname for the local railway. The railway is no more, but the Dokkumer Lokaaltje remains one of the most original forms of transport for exploring the town. A small train on wheels travels through the town while the driver, Piet Wiersma, provides the passengers with a variety of useful information during the journey. In July and August on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

Other ways to explore the town:

  • A pleasure boat across the waters of Dokkum, accompanied by seamen and some of the older Dokkum residents telling interesting anecdotes about the past. Sign up for this trip at Dokkum Museum
  • A walk along the bulwarks
  • A walking excursion around the town with a guide via the Dokkum Museum
  • Explore the smaller canals with a motorboat, canoe or (electric) sloop. Available for hire at Schreiershoek Recreatie, at the Diepswal 23 (near ‘t Stalt)

Genieten van het mooie weer in Dokkum

Fun facts about Dokkum

The clocks chime at ten to ten
You may notice during the evening hours in Dokkum, that the clocks in the town chime at 9:50 PM. This is a reminder of the time when the Dokkum town ramparts, also known as the bulwarks, were closed. The clocks always chimed at 9:50 PM as a warning that the gates of Hanspoort, Halvemaanspoort, Woudpoort and Aalsumerpoort were due to close in 10 minutes. In honour of this tradition, the Dokkum town clocks chime at precisely 9:50 PM.

The bells!
The town carillonneur plays the carillon every Friday, from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Requests to attend the carillon concerts can be submitted at the town hall reception desk.

The turning point
Those even slightly familiar with the Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour) know that the skaters receive their rubber stage stamp on the waters of De Zijl in the centre of Dokkum, before leaving the town on the same ice in the direction of Leeuwarden. This point in Dokkum is known as the ‘turning point’ of the Elfstedentocht. If you visit De Zijl, look out for the benches on the quay. Both of these benches are in the shape of Friesland long distance skaters. The points of their skates provide the skaters with directions.


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