The Frisian Woodland

Out and about in the Frisian Woodland

Authentic Wâldpyk, old states and stins, and scenic walks and cycling routes through the unique theatrical landscape. Explore the Frisian Woodlands.

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Out and about in Dokkum

Saint Boniface, the Admiralty of Friesland, the turning point of the Elfstedentocht race, and the Old Town Hall with the carillon concerts; Dokkum has it all.

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The Frisian Wadden

Out and about in the Frisian Wadden

Mudflat hiking through the mud on a world heritage site? The most beautiful sunsets in the Netherlands? Interested in tasting the local delicacies? Explore the Frisian Wadden Sea.

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The Frisian Lakes

Out and about in the Frisian Lakes

Sail through narrow waterways, sealed off bog holes and open lakes. Explore De Alde Feanen National Park, with its water sports and outdoor activities.

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