There is a whole range of things to do in the region, including outdoor activities, food and drink, various museums and activities with children.
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Museums in Friesland

Friesland has a variety of musea and galleries. Are you interested in history? Of do you rather search for unique art objects? Friesland has it all!

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Activities for kids

A holiday in Friesland with children

Friesland is the perfect place to bring children on holiday with plenty of enjoyable places to visit. We’ve provided a list of things that you have to experience during this holiday. How many can you cross off?

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Staten and stinzen

Estates and stone-built houses in Friesland

Estates and stone-built houses were symbols of wealth in Friesland in former times. A large number of these magnificent buildings are now gone. However, a number of estates and stone-built houses remain.

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Cuisine in Friesland

Eat like Frisians, taste the real Friesland.

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Watersport in Friesland

Lean back with a drink and a bite to eat within easy reach and watch the magnificent Frisian landscape pass you by. Do you like to take the helm yourself? Or do you want to explore the landscape by sailing, surfing, supping or canoeing? Everything is possible!

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Activities in Friesland

In Friesland there’s plenty to do so for the adventurer! Here you can read some tips.

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Recreation in Friesland

Want to relax during your holiday? Take a sauna, go to the theater or watch a movie.

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