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Routes in Northeast Friesland

We have beautiful routes that take you through the Northeast Friesland region, consisting of an extensive network. In this region, you have plenty of space and opportunities for cycling, walking, and boating. Do you prefer leisurely bike rides or challenging routes on a racing bike? A pleasant walk, a city stroll over the fortifications, or a multi-day hike? Feel the wind on your face or find shelter in the woodlands? Boating, sailing, paddleboarding, or canoeing? Plan a route that suits you.

Routes - how wil you explore?

Tips - to try out

Various apps feature routes in Friesland, such as Izi Travel (audio tours), MeAr Fryslân (an augmented reality app with historical walking, cycling, and boating routes. With augmented reality, you can see things with your smartphone that aren’t really there. For example, Boniface comes 'to life' in Dokkum), and The TV program 'The Story of the Netherlands' has created podwalks through Dokkum, exploring the history of figures like Boniface.