Estates and stone-built houses were symbols of wealth in Friesland in former times. A large number of these magnificent buildings are now gone. However, a number of estates and stone-built houses remain.

Also visit De Schierstins in Feanwâlden. This is the only remaining medieval stins (towered stronghold) in the Northern Netherlands. The Schierstins was built around 1300 and was named after those who would later live there: the ‘schiere’ (grey-dressed) monks of the large nearby Klaarkamp Abbey at Rinsumageast. Today this monumental building is a cultural and historical centre that hosts art and history exhibitions, concerts and talks.

Staten and stinzen in Northeast Friesland

Other ‘Staten and Stinzen’ are ‘concealed’ in beautiful parks or surrounded by historical gardens where traces of the work of the Architects, Vlaskamp and Roodbard, are still visible:

  • De Klinze in Aldtsjerk. Closed
  • Stania State in Oentsjerk. Main building is not open to visitors. Park is open
  • Fogelsanghstate in Veenklooster. Building open to visitors
  • Lytse Slot in Veenklooster. Building open to visitors
  • Allemastate in Oudwoude. Nowadays a Bed and Breakfast
  • Vijversburg with nature and culture park in Tytsjerk.
  • Rinsmastate in Driezum. Main building is not open to visitors. Garden and park are open

Throughout Friesland, there are lots more beautiful staten and stinzen. See the website for an overview.