The National Landscape The Northern Fryske Wâlden is home to lots of woodland. The alder-lined drainage ditches and hedgerows that enclose the pastures give the impression of a forest. There are beautiful parks that are rich in trees, often constructed by or following the style of the famous landscape gardener, Roodbaard. These leafy parks are particularly common in the Trynwâlden.

States and stins

Roodbaard gardens are often found in ancient states and stins, which once symbolised Friesland’s wealth. These gardens are lovely places for an evening walk or for exploring at the weekend. View a list of Roodbaard gardens in Northeast Friesland here. All gardens are open to the public:

Park Vijversburg in Tytsjerk (with entrance fee)

Park Vijversburg is the beautiful park for walkers in Tytsjerk. It is a Roodbaard garden with various levels, characteristic bridges and aviaries with birds. Regular art exhibitions and other events are held in the grounds, and there is a tea room which is open regularly.

Rena Wagenaar, laatste bewoonster van de Villa Vijversburg in Bos van Ypey (1947 tot en met 1959) vertelt in de villa over haar herinneringen

Stania State in Oentsjerk

The Friesian estate, Stania State, is among the most beautiful in the Netherlands. The property is surrounded by a beautiful park designed by landscape architect Lucas Roodbaard. Delightful water features, winding paths, meadows, groves and beautiful avenues alternate throughout the park. Don’t forget to marvel at one of the oldest beech trees in the Netherlands, which is located in the front garden of this genuine Frisian state. As in Park Vijversburg, you can also see a wooden three-point bridge here. There are lots of lovely walking trails area behind Stania State.


De Klinze in Aldtsjerk

Trynwalden, the area around Gytsjerk, Oentsjerk and Aldtsjerk, is known for its wooded landscape and used to be a popular retreat for nobles. One such country estate is Landgoed De Klinze; the building is currently closed, but the gardens are open to the public. The winding paths and bridges make them very popular with walkers.

Fogelsanghstate in Veenklooster

Veenklooster woods were planted in around 1840 by landscape architect, L.D. Roodbaard. Some of the avenues and the Modderberg (Mud Mountain) date back from before 1800, when they used to be part of a French garden. The woods are a very exciting and adventurous place for children where the crooked paths, quirky ponds and deer park all help kids reinvent themselves as brave knights. For imaginative children, the hermit’s hut is the secret hiding place of the mysterious knight, and the teahouse can be the inn where the knights gather. The experience is completed by the call of the oriole and the cooing of the cuckoo. The Fogelsang State country house dates from 1646 and is open to the public. During the breeding season (from 15 March / 15 June), the woods are closed.


Geastmer Bosk in Risumageest

The Geastmer Bosk can be found next to the village of Rinsumageast. Planted in 1970, it is relatively young woodland where you can walk to your heart’s content and enjoy a break next to the two lakes in the woods. During your walk, you may come across horse riders enjoying the fresh woodland air.