Sea became a lake; the lake became a natural wilderness. A short summary of the historical background of the Lauwersmeer National Park in the region bordering the provinces of Groningen and Friesland. The Lauwersmeer region has so much to offer. Sprawling, rugged grasslands naturally maintained by the grazing Konik horses and Scottish Highland cattle. Vegetated sand and clay flats, with an enormous area of shallow water.

A must for the bird watcher

It is a welcome resting place for all types of birds, including the Sea Eagle. Migratory birds rest here when travelling to warmer climes or to their breeding areas. Winter guests use this region to escape their colder habitats. The wildlife in this national park has created an irresistible destination for all ornithologists and nature lovers.

Vele tienduizenden Spreeuwen verzamelen zicht in de rietvelden en bomen achter Natuurlijk Kollumeroord om gezamenlijk te overnachten. FOTO: MARCEL VAN KAMMEN

Dark Sky Park

Lauwersmeer National Park is one of the darkest places on earth. The area was named ‘Dark Sky Park’ in 2016. Experience the infamous darkness and enjoy a clear night sky.


To do

The best tips to explore the park:

  • Every week, various activities are organized by Staatsbosbeheer.
  • Rent a sloop or sailboat at Waddeninzicht in Oostmahorn or join the tour boat the Vlinderbalg and explore the park on the water
  • Activity center for children with a playground and discover water animals. The youngest (3 to 6 years old) can get a knapsack with some goodies and do research on the Kabouterpad (gnome).
  • Cycle the ’round of Lauwersmeer’ (43 km). View the route in PDF here (Dutch).
  • Or rent a TukTuk in Lauwersoog and explore the park in a unique way!

Want to know more? Visit the site of the National Park or the Forestry Commission’s, read some blogs about this area such as Reisgenie or Budgetproof, or watch the video on