There are a lot of ways to explore Friesland. By foot, by bike, by horse and by canoe.
Take a look at the routes we described for you.


Bike trails in Friesland

The North-east of Friesland is a proper region for cyclists. From the woods in the Noardlike Fryske Wâlden to the expansive views of the Wadden Sea Region. In order to explore the region on the bike in a good way we worked out a few recommended routes.

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Walking trails in Friesland

Walking is wonderful in this beautiful region. Explore Friesland by foot with these written routes. Do you walk across farmland, an old monastery path or do you walk on top of a seawall?

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Horse-riding trails in Friesland

The ‘Zandpadenroute’ (sand trail), the ‘Veenweidenroute’ (peat trail), the ‘Vergezichtenroute’ (scenic trail): every horse-riding trail in the north-east of Friesland has its own name and its own characteristics. This region features 26 riding trails. There is something for everyone, and it is totally in keeping with the landscape.

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Canoe trails in Friesland

Rent a pedalo, travel silently past the villages and enjoy the local surroundings. This region is also perfect for canoeing! You can go canoeing on 21 routes.

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Sailing in Friesland

Friesland is well known as a sailing paradise. Here are a few of the many routes in the region.

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