No, not mudflat wading as described elsewhere on this website, but mudflat walks. The section of mudflat along this walking route is part of the Friesland coastal trail that runs from Stavoren to Lauwersoog, which represents a section of the Netherlands coastal trail that starts in Zeeland and travels to the German border. This is also a section of the European ‘North Sea Trail’ which is a coastal trail that runs past Germany, Denmark, Norway and England. Would it not be a personal achievement to walk just part of this trail? It is simply a ‘must’ for any enthusiastic walker!

The entire route can be downloaded from the website: Start at Lauwersoog and follow the white/red signs featuring the letters LAW (Lange Afstands Wandelen, which is Dutch for Long Distant Walk). Don’t forget to take something to eat and drink for on the way. Remember, some of the inclines along the sea dike are not accessible to dogs (on a lead).

Visitor attractions

Distant views from the old sea dikes, the outer dike sea marshes at Noarderleech in Hallum, the Marrum dike temple, mound villages in Ferwert and Hegebeintum, together with a few sheep simply wandering free.