The walk starts by the junction sign in Kuikhorneweg to the west of the hamlet of Kuikhorne. From this point, you walk to Veenwouden, then through the village and on to Roodkerk via the Ottema-Wiersma nature reserve. During this part of the walk, there is a scenic viewpoint over de Sippenfennen nature reserve. A lookout tower next to the information board offers a magnificent view over the beautiful nature reserve. From Roodkerk, the walk leads you over beautiful country lanes through the village of Molenend and above Oudkerk, before finishing in the village of Burdaard. Birdaard or Burdaard is the name given to the village that lies on the transitional area between the Frisian clay area and Dokkumer woods. The name has its origins in the ‘mound at the water’s edge’, in this case the Dokkumer Ee.

Interesting detail: two kilometres of the walk consists of unpaved paths in the forest, with the names ‘Griekenland’ (Greece) and ‘Turkije’ (Turkey).

Distance: 20 km
Duration: 4 hours
Surface: partly unpaved
Dogs: dogs are allowed in public areas.
Accessible: All year