Are you looking for some watersport? Then take a pleasant trip to De Alde Feanen National Park. The lakes region surrounding Earnewâld is ideal for exploring by boat. If you would prefer to combine the Frisian Lakes and the Frisian Woodlands, visit Bergumermeer and De Leyen.

Below, we have listed the highlights of a day out in the Frisian Lakes (De Friese Meren), along with some interesting snippets of info.

Watersports in De Alde Feanen National Park

De Alde Feanen National Park is a beautiful natural area surrounded by water. If you really want to explore the very heart of the park, going via water is the only option because there is no other way to get to all the little islands the park has to offer. There are several places in the surrounding villages with various canoe, boat, dinghy or luxurious cruise boat options, which will allow you to explore the park by water. You can also learn stand up paddling and sailing. Take a look at the page ‘Watersport in Friesland‘.

In the summer, the major Frisian ‘Skûtsjesilen‘ event takes place in Earnewâld and Grou with traditional Frisian ‘skutsje’ sailing boats. If you want to find out more about these boats, have a look around the skûtsje museum in Earnewald, or you could even try skûtsje sailing yourself.

meneer en mevrouw Toepfel uit de regio Brandenburg in Duitsland genieten van het mooie weer tijdens hun vakantie in Earnewald. Ze verkennen de Alde Feanen per kano en genieten optimaal van de rust en de natuur.

Outdoors in De Alde Feanen National Park

In addition to water activities, De Alde Feanen National Park is the ideal place for outdoor activities. You can cycle through this natural area via the ferry route; following the signed cycle path, which is part of the cycle path network, will take you through all the prettiest places. In De Alde Feanen National Park Visitors’ Centre, there are various indoor and outdoor activities for children. In the summer, there are lovely places to swim such as the beaches in Earnewâld and Grou; while in winter, the park can be explored on ice skates. If you’re looking for some more rigorous exercise, sign up for ‘De Alde Feanen Challenge’, which is an annual event held every August.


A day out in Earnewald

Do you like water and magnificent nature? Then you must visit Earnewâld! This village is located in the centre of De Alde Feanen National Park and is steeped in history. The turf industry started in the mid-18th century. A blow to the peat region that turned largely into areas of bog. The strips of land became narrower and the wind and weather caused large pools of water to develop, preventing the local residents from leaving their land, sometimes for months. In the 19th century, large sections of this land were segregated to create the summer polders. Nowadays, Earnewâld is a village known for recreational watersport and for being not being quiet – not overrun by the masses. You can rent a small boat to enjoy a short trip and moor up at a terrace to enjoy the convivial atmosphere. The Princes of Oranje preceded modern visitors by a couple of hundred years. Which is why you will often see the word Princenhof (Princes court) throughout the village. The name of the area, ‘It Wiid’, also is a well-known name in the village. For more information about what there is to do in the village, see Take a look at the museumpage for the musea nearby.

Other villages close by De Alde Feanen National Park include Grou, De Veenhoop, Warten, Wergea and Oudega (Smallingerland). The city of Leeuwarden and larger towns of Heerenveen and Drachten are also within easy reach.


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