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Elfstedentocht Cycling Route

(265.0 km)

Of course, the tour of tours is the Eleven Cities (Elfsteden)! Not only for skaters, but also for cyclists. Enjoy the vast Frisian countryside over a distance of 255 km. You start and finish in Leeuwarden and cycle on a clockwise basis, but the other way round is also fine. You can always start the tour in a different location or cycle a part of it. Each city has its own charm. The sizes also differ: Sloten has 900 inhabitants while Leeuwarden has over 90,000. Visit all eleven cities to really experience Friesland. And you’ll be continuously amazed by Friesland’s changing landscape with all the water, beautiful views, space and fresh air when travelling between the cities.

Sights on this route

Starting point: 8911 DP Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden (Ljouwert)

Leeuwarden, or Ljouwert as we say in Friesland, is buzzing. From tourists and students to locals. From unforgettable adventures to wandering through cozy little streets.

Visit Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden fontein

Sneek (Snits)

Sneek, or Snits as we say in Friesland, is the water sports city of the Netherlands. But Sneek is more than water sports and the Sneekweek. The city is bustling with events, culture, unique hotspots, and nice shops.

Visit Sneek

Waterpoort Sneek

IJlst (Drylts)

IJlst (or Drylts in Frisian) is not only one of the famous 11 cities, but also a 'wood city'. For many years, tree trunks were processed here by the legendary wood trading companies Oppedijk and S.O. de Vries.

Visit IJlst

Molen IJlst

Sloten (Sleat)

Sloten (or Sleat as we say in Friesland) is the smallest Elfsteden town in Friesland. This walled mini-city is also called sipelstêd (Frisian for onion city) thanks to the unique shape of an onion.

Visit Sloten

Sloten gracht

Stavoren (Starum)

Stavoren (or Starum as we say in Friesland) is very much the main city of the IJsselmeer, being enclosed by the lake on three sides. It is also the oldest city of Friesland, founded around 300 BC at a waterway, and gaining city rights in the 11th century.

Visit Stavoren

Fontein Stavoren

Hindeloopen (Hylpen)

Hindeloopen, or Hylpen as we say in Friesland, is known for its painting and stylish costumes from the past.

Visit Hindeloopen


Workum (Warkum)

Workum (or Warkum as we say in Friesland), is one of the famous Frisian cities that has enjoyed city rights since 1399. Located on the shores of the former Zuiderzee and bordering the Frisian lakes.

Visit Workum

Workum Fontein

Bolsward (Boalsert)

Bolsward, or Boalsert as we say in Friesland, is the city where history and architecture play a leading role. Let yourself be carried away by the rich history of this eleven cities city.

Visit Bolsward

Bolsward Broerekerk

Harlingen (Harns)

Harlingen is de Elfstedenstad aan het Wad. Een prachtige stad met een nautisch heden en verleden, gebouwd op de bodem van de oude zee...

Bezoek Harlingen

Harlingen stad

Franeker (Frjentsjer)

The Elfsteden city Franeker is a captivating town with its rich university history. For many years, this city was home to numerous students, including well-known names such as Descartes.

Bezoek Franeker


Dokkum (Dokkum)

Dokkum is de meest noordelijk gelegen Elfstedenstad, ze ontstond nadat deze plek een bedevaartsoord werd na de moord op Bonifatius in 754.

Bezoek Dokkum

Dokkum kerk en fontein
End point: 8911 DP Leeuwarden


Starting point: 8911 DP Leeuwarden

Onderweg volg je de Elfstedenroute bordjes. De groene bordjes zijn voor de route met de klok mee (zoals de route op deze website is aangegeven). De blauwe bordjes zijn voor de route tegen de klok in.

Openbaar vervoer:
Kom je met het OV naar Friesland? Op start- en finishpunt Leeuwarden stopt de Arriva trein. Je fiets mag buiten de spits mee in de trein (koop wel een speciaal ticket hiervoor). 

End point: 8911 DP Leeuwarden